Sell & Buy Items from Your Phone

Faulkner Flip enables users to buy and sell products hosted directly on Amazon, Ebay and other marketplaces from your phone.

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Here's Why Users Love It

  • So love FaulkerPay it's ridiculous. I'm sharing it with everyone. From buying a coffee to the latest tech, paying is simple, fast and for the first time smooth! Great job!

  • Every so often one finds a great app that changes an everyday task. The app is so good I would pay more for it if I could. Simply awesome!

  • Serioulsy the best app around right now. I've switched to Faulkner Pay and use it for every transaction on a daily basis. Invoices are sent straight to my email. Fantastic!

1.4% Commission on Sales

We provide the lowest sales commissions on the market. Only 1.4%, that's two percentage points less than our competitors.

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Comissionless Purchases

That's right, no commissions on purchases, buy without paying any VAT or purchase commissions. Simple, smooth and enjoyable.

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Simple Payment Options for Sellers

With some 1,600 subscribers signing up per day, Faulkner Flip is quickly achieving its goal of becoming the fastest growing market app for sellers & buyers. Signup and find out why people love it, Click here →

Pay As You Go

$1.95 + %1.4 per month

Use Faulkner Pay for up to 30 purchases, 100 sales and 5 transfers per month.


$3.95 + %0 per month

Use Faulkner Flip for up to 500 purchases, 10k sales and 10 transfers per month.
For growing businesses and entrepreneurs.

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